“Charity is commendable, but justice is transformational.

How will you spend your resources?”

Shifting Philanthropy From Charity to Justice

CLLCTIVLY Launches Black Futures 360 Giving Circle!


Our Giving Circle offers opportunities for the community to explore our common interests, set giving priorities and pool our resources to make a greater impact.


Black Futures 360 Giving Circle is about connecting people with causes that matter to them. Our members pool their time, talent and treasure to support Black-led organizations serving in greater Baltimore.

CLLCTIVLY launched in 2019 and has invested over $1,000,000 into Black-led social change organizations!



Why is the focus on Black-led organizations?

Research shows that annually, approximately 95% of the $60 billion in US foundation funding goes to white-led organizations and that Black-led organizations only receive 2%.  

The Black community needs to build the necessary institutional and political power in order to make Black lives matter and for the Black community to thrive in this country. This comes through strengthening and building a wide array of powerful Black-led social change organizations that are well resourced, connected and in partnership with allied organizations.  In order to do this there needs to be an explicit focus on strengthening and cultivating Black-led power-building organizations, leaders, campaigns, cultural production, strategic analysis and narrative framing. The infrastructure for Black social change has diminished over the last several decades, in part due to the under-resourcing of Black-led social change organizations.

This has helped create a capacity conundrum for Black-led social change organizations and a practice of giving grants to more established, non-Black led groups to win policy campaigns in and for the Black community. Black-led community organizing organizations are uniquely suited to invigorate and expand the pipeline of Black social change leaders that will organize to secure the changes in policy and institutional practices to help Black communities to thrive and develop and advance a transformative vision and alternative narratives for social, racial, gender, economic justice and political accountability. – The Case for Funding Black-led Social Change

Building a powerful Black-led infrastructure for social change will best ensure the changes necessary to create thriving Black communities and to dismantle anti-Black structural racism. 


Membership will run from January 1st through December 31st. A minimum investment of $360 is required to become a voting member. You can join anytime throughout the year and your membership can be paid in installments. Three hundred dollars of your contribution will go directly to the pool, with $60 covering events for members and operational support.

Our mission is to end the fragmentation and duplication of programs, to learn from and about each other, and to be a resource for the Greater Baltimore community that seeks to find, fund and partner with Black social change organizations.

Want to learn more about Black Futures 360 Giving Circle and attend our quaterly member meeting?
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Collective Giving & Decision-Making

General Membership

General membership is available for a $360 minimum donation

The benefits of annual membership are:

*Ability to learn about Black-led social change organizations serving in greater Baltimore

* Invitation to member exclusive meetings, events & volunteer opportunities

*Make more informed decisions about personal giving

*Expand your network through relationships with other members who share your love of Baltimore

*Ability to vote on grantee organizations who will receive funding support from the Black Futures 360 Giving Circle

*Participate in the governance of the BF360 and vote on leadership and fund priorities

Each year, 40% of the Black Futures 360 is allocated to our Liberatory  Grantmaking Review Committee. Their expertise and knowledge of the grassroots, social justice landscape ensure these funds will reach the groups and projects working to make the biggest impact in Greater Baltimore.

Another 40% of the funds in a Black Futures 360 Giving Circle is distributed to groups of the donor’s choosing that are in alignment with CLLCTIVLY’s liberatory framework to support Black-led Social Change.

And 20% goes to CLLCTIVLY to provide operational support and keep us at the forefront of supporting Black-led organizations serving in Greater Baltimore.

Become a Founding Member

Join our Founders Circle by pledging $1,000!