Conscious Reflections Empowerment Initiative #1317Promise

Conscious Reflections Empowerment Initiative #1317Promise

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In 2015, the Conscious Heads Barbering Bootcamp with its partner Conscious Heads Barbershop and Natural Hair Salon embarked upon training students in the trade of barbering. This program has been an enormous success in the Baltimore community through providing vital workforce development opportunities for Baltimore City residents.

The Barbershop Bootcamp has trained students to understand the importance of economic empowerment by making money and providing community service to residents who may not afford haircuts.

Based on the post feedback we have received from community residents and the barbers in training, we are interested in expanding to a new shop in Northwest Baltimore, creating more significant workforce development opportunities.

To actualize our strategic vision for expansion, we have entered into a partnership with Reflections Eternal Barbershop, another well-known establishment which an excellent community reputation in Charles Village.

The owners of Reflection Eternal Barbershop are two men, both Master Barbers formally employed and trained at Conscious Heads Barbershop. The proposed new location would be at 5116 Liberty Heights Ave. This proposed venture would be called the Conscious Reflection Barbershop and Natural Hair Salon.

This partnership is based on a long history of community service, training future barbers, and political advocacy. Conscious Heads and Reflections Eternal and other Baltimore-based barbers were instrumental in challenging the barber apprenticeship laws in the State of Maryland. After two years of our continuous efforts, House Bill 1317 (previously House Bill 1021 and 1041) became effective as of October 1, 2021. This allows three apprentice barbers per Master Barber instead of one as the State Board of Barbers previously required. This Bill promotes more professionalism in the barbering field as this will encourage more practicing barbers to become licensed barbers, thus leading to more employment opportunities. With the expansion of this barbering training program, we must expand our space to accommodate a growing number of students.

The passing of House Bill 1317 is a tremendous victory for shop owners and barbers statewide. As we move forward, we seek people such as yourself to support us in educating and training people in skills that have been the bedrock of our communities.

New law helps shorten apprenticeship wait lists to obtain barber’s licenses (House Bill 1317)

Barbers can now train multiple apprentices (House Bill 1317)

The Conscious Reflections Empowerment Initiative (Workforce Development Center)

Building Layout

The Conscious Reflections Empowerment Initiative has found a home at Wisdom Bookstore located at 5116 Liberty Heights Avenue. Utilizing this space to expand our barbering training program honors the vision of its owner, Baba Tehuti. Baba Tehuti was in a terrible biking accident over a year ago that left him unable to run his business. We love this space because it already serves to provide education, wisdom & community. In Honor of Baba Tehuti we will have a section of this shop that will be called the Wisdom Tehuti Bookstore.

First floor will include a Barbershop, Natural Hair Salon, Make-up Stations, and Bookstore.

The first floor will include styling stations for boot camp graduates selected for apprenticeship and licensed and trained professionals ready to work in their craft. The bookstore will continue to serve as a beacon of knowledge and respect for Baba Tehuti. -Lower Level will be the WorkForce Trade Development center.

The Lower level will be BOOTCAMP CENTRAL, where all barbering, natural hair, and makeup artistry training will occur.

This level will also serve as a space to continue community outreach of free barbering and hairstyling for the less fortunate and homeless. Community service is a huge aspect of what we do AND what we teach our students. In addition, students ages 10 through 15 can participate in our youth entrepreneurial program, which also promotes character building, community service, and respect for self and others.

With the community’s support, we will be able to serve more people and allows our students to experience the benefits of community service and its impact on the larger community.