Baltimore RISE is a three-day entrepreneurial Rapid Ideation Skillshare Event (RISE). 


A collaboration between Mindgrub and CLLCTIVLY, RISE brings together technology company leaders and Baltimore entrepreneurs to facilitate dialogue, share resources and best practices, and increase opportunities for Black-led and Black-owned businesses in Baltimore.


The three-day event includes a free webinar discussion where local entrepreneurs will share their journeys and the strategies that have helped them survive and thrive. Following the webinar, Mindgrub will host two days of rapid brainstorming sessions, where CLLCTIVLY entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to participate in one-on-one strategy sessions with Mindgrub’s subject matter experts.

Baltimore RISE: Getting Down to Business with CLLCTIVLY Entrepreneurs


Mindgrub and CLLCTIVLY are thrilled to host the Baltimore RISE entrepreneurial panel, sharing insights from local founders Kendal Brown of 228 Grant Street Candle Co., Nikia Vaughan of NKV Skin, and Kisha A. Brown of Justis Connection.


Join us on July 28th as we celebrate and explore these Baltimore businesses and learn about the strategies that have helped them survive and thrive.


We’ll discuss:

  • The entrepreneurial landscape in Baltimore
  • Challenges our entrepreneurs faced and how they overcame them
  • Local resources and grants

Baltimore RISE: an Entrepreneurial Rapid Ideation Skillshare Event featuring CLLCTIVLY entrepreneurs and Mindgrub experts


Are you proud of the business you’ve launched, but know it has so much more potential? 


Could you use some time with an expert (for free!) to get over your latest hurdle? 


Mindgrub and CLLCTIVLY have partnered together to provide two days on July 29th and 30th of rapid brainstorming sessions to assist our friends in the Baltimore entrepreneur community. 


Simply fill out this form to share where you’re feeling stuck. We’ll be selecting local entrepreneurs for a 30-minute strategy session with experts who can help you gain the traction you need to get to that next step in business. 

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