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I AM MENtality


I AM MENtality is a Baltimore based non-profit organization I AM MENtality was founded by

Location: Baltimore, MD, USAWebsite: 4107028256

F.A.M.E. Design Program


F.A.M.E. Design Program is an afterschool mentoring program dedicated to helping youth embrace their creativity on the runway of life.

Location: Baltimore, MD, USAWebsite:

SAGE - Saving Adolescent Girls Everywhere


SAGE, a non-profit organization, focused on mentoring adolescent girls who are in underserved communities by providing resources and programs that give social awareness on issues such as teenage pregnancy, domestic violence, human trafficking, and body image, as well as having educational involvement and preparing them for professional/career development.

Location: Baltimore, MD, USAWebsite:

I Believe In Me


The mission of I Believe In Me is to empower girls to B.E.L.I.E.V.E (Become Emerging Leaders Inspiring Excellence and Values Everyday) through group mentoring and leadership training necessary to become responsible, productive and successful members of our community.

Location: Baltimore, MD, USAWebsite: (410) 929-6318



Dare2Bee is a platform where young girls ranging from the ages 9-18 are given the opportunity to aspire to become what they are intended to be which we, at Dare2Bee believe is greatness.

Location: Owings Mills, MD 21117, USAWebsite:

WombWork Productions, Inc.


WombWork Productions, Inc. utilizes the three-tiered mentoring system where the professional actors and performers of Nu World Art Ensemble mentor the young adults of Nu Generation Art Ensemble, who in turn mentor the youth members of Next Generation Art Ensemble.

Location: 3123 Walbrook Ave, Baltimore, MD 21216, USAWebsite: 410.258.1504

Project Pneuma


The Mission of Project Pneuma is to Breathe New Life holistically into the young men we serve by challenging them intellectually, strengthening them physically, nurturing them emotionally and uplifting them spiritually.

Location: 25 W Fayette St, Baltimore, MD 21201, USAWebsite: 443-851-1697

Orita's Cross Freedom School


We are an African-centered youth educational program.

Location: 430 East Belvedere Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland, United StatesWebsite: oritascross.comPhone: (410) 435-0851

Youth Resiliency Institute


The Youth Resiliency Institute is dedicated to inspiring realization of the authentic self in children, youth and young adults in Baltimore.

Location: 2103 N Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21218, USAWebsite: youthresiliencyinstitute.orgPhone: 410.934.1972

A Revolutionary Summer


A Revolutionary Summer is an intensive critical reading and writing program dedicated to shifting harmful narratives about Black women and girls through both the meaningful study and creation of art and the deliberate application of self-inquiry. 

Location: 2334 Guilford Ave, Baltimore, Maryland 21218, USAWebsite: 443.810.6979