We-Our-Us — the movement — is a vision of men from Baltimore and the vicinity, who focus on consistent and collective action to strategically assist people, especially boys and young men, in obtaining resources to help guide them to productive pathways and move their goals forward from a unified energy.   In addition to building programmatic practices beneath each of the categories below, the goals of We, Our, Us are as follows:


The mission of Baltimore Brothers is to design, implement, and coordinate strategies and initiatives to reduce crime in Baltimore City by using astute resourcefulness and leveraging community assets and relationships.


A future without violence – replaced with educational opportunity, safety, justice, and hope for our communities.


We hold family ties, lifelong friendships, loyalty, respect, and faith to be the cornerstone of our community work.

A city-wide call asking Baltimore residents to avoid having any murders through quarterly Ceasefires and Peace Challenges (Feb, May, August, and Nov)

Baltimore Ceasefire 365 is a city-wide call-to-action for Baltimore City residents to avoid murder and affirm life. #DontBeNumb #VibrateHigher

We are a small black-owned business located in Baltimore City that provides a range of testing services for lead-based paint.  Our families have personally experienced the negative impacts of lead poisoning, so we are personally invested and deeply committed to improving the safety outcomes of Maryland’s children and families, particularly the black and brown communities who are most effected by exposure to lead.  

Citizens Policing Project (CPP) will build the bridge necessary to effectively address the public safety issues plaguing our neighborhoods at the root by collaboratively exercising the power and resources we already have within our neighborhoods to identify and confront them.​

CPP is comprised of ‘experts’ so to speak, who have employed diverse tactics in different parts of the City and have gained comprehensive knowledge of what has been proven to be of benefit to the process as well as tactics and Initiatives that have proved, frivolous or unfruitful. The members of the CPP will act merely as Consultants and will serve in a capacity of advisor to the local organizations and general population. They will serve as facilitators in the initial gatherings, but will fall into a supportive role as indigenous leadership emerges, and will encourage residents to spearhead all efforts as well become voices in their communities to help quell the fears of retaliation and reprisal.  
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