Black People Ride Bikes (BPRB) is a Baltimore-based cycling and advocacy organization of black cyclists in every age bracket, from children to adults. Our organization is made up of both casual riders and avid cyclists, who regularly participate in cycling events throughout the country.

This organization was founded by two avid cyclists, Shaka Pitts and Nia Reed-Jones, as a way to introduce people of black diaspora to the many benefits of cycling they experienced first-hand. Their experiences taught them cycling can be a useful form of self-care, healthcare and exploration. Both, Nia and Shaka, are advocates for improving cycling conditions in the Greater Baltimore Region and beyond. BPRB’s main goal is to make cycling more accessible regardless of socioeconomic background, ethnicity, or experience level.

The Black Running Organization also known as BRO serves to organize, educate and condition the Black Community on the basis of running as a practical demonstration of unity.

Corner Team, Inc. is a Baltimore City nonprofit organization that uses sports as a tool to engage youth, seniors, and people with disabilities in a safe and supportive environment to build strong minds, strong bodies, and strong communities.

Corner Team, Inc. is organized around the longstanding and successful tradition of community sports programs that address holistic well being at the neighborhood level to shape Champions for Life! Engagement in any sports activity provides opportunities for social interaction and skill-building within diverse settings. Sports foster pride and increase self-esteem. Sports teach leadership  and discipline, and support physical, mental, and social fitness. Through sports, Corner Team, Inc. connects our Champions to local resources, mentors, academic tutoring, economic opportunities, and healthy living strategies that grow tomorrow’s leaders and inspire the change we want to see for all.

Founded in 2015 by Professional Boxer, and former Ghanaian, National Champion Michael Gbenga as Corner Team Boxing, we are realizing a greater mission that incorporates sports, community engagement, and social innovation. The new Corner Team, Inc has also expanded our mission beyond a focus on youth to include programs that engage senior citizens and people with disabilities— populations typically overlooked by organized sports programs but equally in need of the benefits that come from active participation in them.

The UMAR Boxing Progam is an  afterschool program for at-risk youth in Baltimore City. Our motto is “No Hooks before Books” as our organization combines academic development and athletic training under one roof. While boxing is an exciting draw and integral part of the program, academic development is the paramount goal. Children must participate actively in the academic program in order to participate in the boxing program. Our mission is to reclaim community youth from the city streets of Baltimore and prepare them for future roles as productive citizens of society. The program creates and maintains a positive and safe environment for children, providing multiple activities geared to improving academic, social and athletic skills.
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