Michelle Stafford has been teaching yoga for over 8 years, and personal training for over a decade. Her focus is on alignment, spinal stabilization, joint mobility, and overall strength. She combines her knowledge of strength training with yoga, and creates a healthy fitness routine suited just for you.

Health goes beyond the aesthetic. How do you feel at the end of the day? Are you able to complete your daily tasks with energy and vigor? Physical fitness is about longevity, and optimal wellness. Move your body in a quality way (asana), eat healthy food, meditate (dhyana), and do breathing exercises (pranayama) on a daily basis.

Whether you attend a group session or experience a one-on-one session with Michelle, you will certainly have an effective workout, while having a great time.

 Exclusive to women’s wellness, Michelle teaches women the art of Yoni Breathing & Yoni Weight Lifting through the use of sacred Yoni eggs. These ancient tools are a way for women to meditate, tone the pelvic floor, invigorate the body, and maintain womb health. “Yoni” is the sanskrit term for “sacred space” or “womb.” Michelle’s is a certified NSPA personal Trainer, Patanjali/Iyengar Therapeutic Yoga Instructor, and Level 1 Usui Reiki Practitioner.  She has a background in aquatic fitness & belly dance. She is a Trauma Informed Care Trainer through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.
Kindred Community Healing comprises three community initiatives: Healing BMore Activists, Sista SoulQuest and The #HealASista Project.
Through the Kindred Wellness Framework we remain committed to “showing you how to heal you.” Our Community works are…
  • Heart-Centered
  • Trauma responsive
  • Celebratory of the African Diaspora
  • Accountable to Community
  • Mind-Body Medicine Infused
  • Healing Justice oriented & Liberation-focused
  • Research-Based
We understand that we have the ability to impact seven generations forward and seven generations back. As a result, we have committed to contributing to the healing of our community by serving women, girls and change-makers of color from the Baltimore grassroots.

MOMCares provides postpartum doula support to Black women with a NICU experience. MOMCares is involved in advocacy around black maternal& infant health.

Ana Temple Rodney is Aiden’s Mom. She is an author, doula, yoga instructor, Reiki Master, and mom advocate based in Baltimore, Maryland. Ana is the Founder of The Rising Mama Brand and MOMCares initiative. The Rising Mama is a brand that serves mothers and families in the Baltimore area through Reiki energy healing services, body-positive yoga instruction, and supportive doula services.

In 2014, Ana Temple Rodney, gave birth to a premature son. After a hard pregnancy, riddled with loss, financial worries, and uncertainty, Ana found herself now facing a new challenge in the premature birth of her son. 6 months after the birth of her son, after battling to breastfeed, and maintain some form of autonomy as a mother surrounded by medical professionals, Ana and Aiden headed home. It was at home with a young child on oxygen support and numerous medications that Ana began to fully understand the weight of her need for additional and consistent support.

In 2016, Ana began a healing circle designed to create community and encourage self-care practices for mothers. In 2017 Ana, with the help of women from her community was able to gift 40 mothers in the NICU with small mothers day gift bags filled with items to support their stay in the NICU. Also in 2017, Ana was able to extend her vision of programming for mothers in the NICU with help from the Baltimore Corps’ Elevation Award.

MOMCares is a postpartum doula program designed to support mothers of color in the NICU who identify themselves as under-supported and facing financial stressors. MOMCares provides packaged meals, transportation, bedside support, self-care opportunities and child care for older siblings to mothers in need.

The Rising Mama is a brand that encourages mothers of all experiences and backgrounds to reclaim themselves through Reiki, yoga, and mindful self-care for themselves and their families.

Ana is a yoga instructor, Reiki Master, Doula, and educator based in Baltimore city. Ana and her son Aiden have been growing and thriving as Ana pursues her path as a healer and advocate in Baltimore City.

Acute Grief and Bereavement Counseling for African American Marylanders

The provision of compassionate, and, culturally responsive counseling for African American adults in states of distress in response to the death of a loved one days, weeks, months, or years after the loss, is my goal. My supportive, structured, integrative approach to grief and bereavement counseling is informed by my studies of trauma, grief and bereavement, my own experience with traumatic loss, and, my religious, spiritual, and, holistic wellness studies and practices. It includes Somatic and DBT informed mindfulness, distress tolerance, and, emotion regulation skills training, body movement and ecotherapeutic techniques, CBT informed cognitive restructuring training, and, practices from the Black Church religious/spiritual tradition. A licensed graduate professional counselor in the state of Maryland (#LGP10079), I earned a B.A. from Spelman College, a M.A. in Counseling from New York University, and, a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from New York University. I am also an Associate Professor of Psychology and Africana Studies, and, Co-Director of the Africana Studies program at a Baltimore, Maryland area college, where I teach and conduct research on the intersections of critical/cultural psychology and subjective wellbeing. You can learn more about my work within academia by visiting my profile on Chronicle Vitae. Our initial work together will include 18 one hour sessions that will take place over 8 weeks: Week 1 – five sessions Week 2 – four sessions Week 3 – three sessions Week 4 – two sessions Week 5 – one session Week 6 – one session Week 7 – one session Week 8 – one session This intensive 18-session structured support may be followed up with monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual process-oriented supportive counseling sessions for as long as you need. I am honored to know that you are considering my supportive grief and bereavement counseling services. I hope that you will consider scheduling a free 30-minute face-to-face consultation.

Brown and Healthy is a global health and wellness initiative challenging mainstream media’s negative narrative of people of color one positive story at a time.

Our mission is to change the narrative and change the world by promoting mental, physical, and emotional well being among people of color. Contrary to popular belief, we comprise a tight knit global community of students, teachers, artists, engineers, and entrepreneurs who grind tirelessly to create a better and more sustainable world for the next generation.

We formed out of the countless and traumatic police killings that began in 2015. Because of the disturbing lens capturing our relationship to the law and our place in society Brown and Healthy developed as an initiative that goes beyond opinions about our lives “mattering” and lands at the absolute undeniable truth, which is, that “we exist” and we exist as healthy contributors to a society that is built largely on the tenants of our culture.

Brown + Healthy seeks to change the face of wellness by creating a pipeline of highly trained future wellness leaders from brown communities. We train, certify and equip fitness professionals of color to have meaningful careers and change lives in our city and our world. In doing this, we ultimately seek to change the negative narrative surrounding the health and wellness of people of color by promoting and facilitating mental, physical, and emotional well being among communities of color.


We use the Wellness Model as a Holistic Approach to Healing versus a Pathological Approach.

The Bloom Collective focuses on providing a nurturing, supportive and empowering space for mothers, parents and families.

We believe that if parents during the perinatal period and along the parenthood journey are provided with a safe space to be their most whole selves and receive support, we will manifest the strength and sustainability that will empower our children, families and the community.

Each one of us brings various expertise, gifts and talents to the Bloom Collective. We are all rooted in the values of reproductive justice, birth justice, holistic health care and wellness, and the belief that individuals and families can bloom and thrive with the support of a nurturing village.

The following are some of the resources you will find at The Bloom Collective:

We are excited to share our collective vision and support the health and vitality of our community. We want to see the community thrive, one family at a time.

BMYI promotes holistic education, and supports and engages men and boys of color to live healthy lives of peace and calm using yoga and mindfulness as & means of human development. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHPtSrBkLno

A mental health practice focused on providing a unique holistic experience for improved physical, spiritual and mental health.

My practice name, “Afya”, is Swahili for complete wellness.
Do you want to learn how to turn your story of feeling depressed, anxious and overwhelmed to one of healing and transformation? Let’s journey together to change your “Why Me?” to “Wow Me!” I am passionate about supporting women across the lifespan in addressing the mental and emotional strain stemming from life transitions. From issues of identity and self-esteem building among teens, to relationships, career and belongingness in young adulthood and to the multifaceted transitions of motherhood. I am someone who gets it!
I use a holistic, person centered approach to treatment, integrating traditional psychotherapy with complementary practices for improved physical, mental and emotional well-being. You may experience yoga, dance, meditation, breath work, expressive art and aromatherapy as a part of your therapeutic experience to help you achieve a more balanced life.
The Mission and Work of BMHA: The primary mission of the BMHA is to provide a trusted forum to lead and promote a holistic, culturally relevant approach to the development and maintenance of whole health, mental health programs and services for African Americans and vulnerable communities. Black Mental Health Alliance for Education & Consultation, Inc. (BMHA) is a 30 year regional social advocacy and membership non-profit organization providing a trusted forum to lead and promote culturally relevant approaches to behavioral health access, quality and integration.   BMHA actively engages healthcare professional members through an expansive database of culturally competent and community and patient centered licensed mental health clinicians. BMHA is poised to provide leadership and a cadre of subject matter experts in this field. BMHA is a unique and well-rounded organization that has a history of direct service provision, including school based mental health services, tobacco education and prevention, fatherhood initiatives, summer camp and afterschool programs, and HIV/AIDS prevention initiatives; and hosting trainings that include historical and race-based trauma informed care; structural racism; cultural competence; mental health stigma; social determinants of health; and dealing with mental health/illness in the faith based community.
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