Che Yoga LLC
Che Yoga LLC, founded in 2017, is a social enterprise with a mission to provide spiritually-focused and trauma-informed individual coaching, yoga classes, cultural wellness, anti-racism/anti-oppression yoga programs, and other yoga programming designed to address a myriad of personal wellness issues and social epidemics.
Che Yoga works towards this mission by inviting students to explore the spiritual depths of yoga to support lifestyle changes and develop resiliency in times of hardship.  Che Yoga supports its students in their efforts to strengthen their bodies, discipline their minds, and deepen their spiritual connection with God as a means of facilitating personal growth, racial reconciliation, racial equity, and necessary social change.

Che Yoga offers Spiritual & Wellness Coaching, Spiritually-Focused Yoga Classes, Spiritual & Cultural Wellness Events, & Spiritual Activism Programs.

  • Che Yoga’s Spiritual & Wellness Coaching are one-on-one sessions that use universal spiritual truths from yogic philosophy, yogic lifestyle practices, and Che Yoga’s unique experiences and intuitive insights to offer to clients spiritual and wellness perspectives to encourage resilience in facing the many challenges and transitions of life.  Coaching sessions are available online or by phone.
  • Che Yoga’s Spiritually-Focused Yoga Classes are influenced by nearly two decades of study and practice of yoga as a spiritual practice and experience with several yoga styles and trauma-informed approaches.  Classes encourage student exploration and consideration of the eight limbs of yoga in each class.  Che Yoga’s classes emphasize spirituality, diversity of personal practice, breathing, concentration, meditation, mindfulness, body awareness, and physical exercises to support students’ overall wellness goals.  These weekly classes are for beginners and all levels classes and include NeoSoul Yoga, Vibrate Yoga, Soul Yoga, and mobile group yoga classes at your location.  Classes are available in-person and online.
  • Che Yoga’s Spiritual and Cultural Wellness Events aim to welcome new students to yoga and create a sense of an uplifting and supportive spiritual community.  Many of these events highlight the connection between yogic philosophy and Black heritage and cultural practices. Some events focus more on the general wellness needs of the Baltimore community.  While, other events focus on using spirituality and wellness practices in response to specific conditions that plague the Black community in Baltimore.
  • Che Yoga’s Spiritual Activism Programs include the Yoga for Resilience against Injustice™ (“YRI”)™ Program.  This is a self-exploratory anti-racism/anti-oppression yoga program that uses yogic philosophy, yoga practices, and social justice theories to support communities in building resilience against injustices stemming from white supremacy.  The goal of the YRI Program is to support participants in developing the internal resilience necessary for introspection, acknowledgement of participation in racism/oppression, productive discourse, and racial reconciliation that supports authentic community connections that create change and peace.  Participants have the option of joining together to explore spiritual activism, strategies for daily activism, and effective organizing against the effects of white supremacy.  Programs are available in-person and online.
  • Che Yoga is also trained to offer Yoga of 12-Step Recovery and Prison Yoga Project.

Contact Che Yoga LLC:

P.O. Box 7139, Baltimore, MD, 21218


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