Coordinating Holistic Resources Initiatives & Services Inc. (CHRIS)

Mission: To provide a comprehensive range of services to the community that will aid in the development and enrichment of individuals and families who demonstrate need. Success will be promoted in collaboration with other professionals utilizing a strength-based, multi-systematic approach directly involving the individual(s).

Vision: To be the premier provider of comprehensive services that will integrate professionals, community leaders, and the faith-based sector to aid in the reduction of social challenges individually and collectively.

Value: We embrace diversity. We are inclusive of all who demonstrate need without judgment. We see potential in everyone and believe that we are all a work in progress seeking to identify our purpose

CHRIS Inc. is a community-based outreach program designed to assist individuals and families with the necessary resources and services in an effort to decrease and/or remove barriers that influence social dysfunction. Participation in the program is voluntary for anyone experiencing social disconnection and wishes to advance and/or improve daily living and overall functioning within society. Case management services will be available to participants to determine their level of care. In addition, we have developed partnerships to coordinate services in various capacities.

As Human Services Specialists, CHRIS Inc. recognizes the importance of adequate service provision. We have an awareness of the pathways in which exposure to oppression, violence, neglect, poverty, discrimination, and criminalization adversely affects individuals and the community at large. CHRIS Inc. staff focuses on individuals and families who have and continue to experience such forms of structural and systemic adversities. We believe in “community”. We are committed to empowering individuals and families to reach their full potential by offering a wide range of programs and services for everyone from the very young to the senior population.

Social exclusion is about more than income poverty. It is a short-hand term for what can happen when people or areas have a combination of linked problems, such as unemployment, discrimination, poor skills, low incomes, poor housing, high crime, and family breakdown. These problems are linked and mutually reinforcing. Social exclusion is an extreme consequence of what happens when people don’t get a fair deal throughout their lives, often because of the disadvantage they face at birth, and this disadvantage can be transmitted from one generation to the next

Program Goals:

• To improve the living experiences of children, youth, and families and to stabilize and strengthen the family and community by developing productive programs/services.
• To prevent child abuse, neglect, and delinquency as well as reduce the alienation of youth from the community.
• To enable neighborhood groups and organizations to serve children, youth and families more effectively, particularly in neighborhoods that have instances of high poverty, substance abuse, crime and truancy.
• To promote collaborative relationships between funded neighborhood groups, public and private agencies providing services to children, youth, and families.


Our Programs Include:

I Promise U – Provides support to high school seniors 

CHRIS’s Mobile Closet – Serves individuals entering, re-entering, and being promoted in the workforce

P.I.P. (Parents In Partnership) – Targeted services will be offered to single parents

Beyond B.A.R.S. (Broadening Access to Render Support) – Specialized services will be offered to children of incarcerated parents

Saving F.A.C.E. (Females Against Conflict Everywhere) – Violence prevention for girls/women

Greater Understanding of Addiction to Narcotics (GUAN Project) – Provides addiction services for the prevention of overdose

Just Care – Senior Services are designed to address the vulnerability that is associated with an aging population

Speak NOW (No Open Wounds) – Provides services to victims of sexual assault, abuse, and harassment

Project PUP (Pick Up & Play) – Neighborhood youth clean-up  and pollution prevention

SHE Speaks (Share Her Experience) – A weekly radio talk show for women

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