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NFL’s Calais Campbell + Rockefeller Pledges $200K to support CLLCTIVLY & Black-Owned Businesses

Walter Payton Man of the Year Calais Campbell and the Rockefeller Foundation join forces to support CLLCTIVLY Covid-19 Baltimore Micro-Grant Fund

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mTkalla: CLLCTIVLY is providing a lifeline for Black-led Organizations

mTkalla, is the owner of SunSpot Studios and a recent recipient of the Baltimore Black-led Solidarity Fund. CLLCTIVLY has also partnered with SunSpot Studios to host CLLCTIVSOUND: Artist in Residence Program.

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Dea C. Lott: Why you should support CLLCTIVLY

Dea C. Lott is the founder of Spiritual Living by Che and a recipient of the Baltimore Black-led Solidarity Fund.

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Baltimore Supporting Baltimore: Solidarity, Not Charity

#repostBossLife /NikiaVaughan/ Wellness/Beauty/Community Sooooo, Last month I unexpectedly received a $500 grant

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