Building a global alliance of strength and solidarity

By Cori Lucas,

One of, if not the, biggest hurdles that Black people encounter in this country is the lack of information available, or even existing, about our heritage, history and ancestors. This is due in part to the Transatlantic Slave Trade that took millions of Africans from the Mother Land and dispersed them throughout the world. This is the cultural gap that founders and activists Jasmine Hall and Moriah Ray are working tirelessly to fill through the establishment of the African Diaspora Alliance (ADA) in 2015. The ADA embraces the diversity it caused and uses it as a positive opportunity to “connect Black people throughout the globe so that we can learn about one another and, therefore, build transnational solidarity to combat and fight against racism globally!” Seeking to expose the beauty of all descendants of Africa, the ADA consistently hosts events aimed at celebrating African culture and demystifying truths about Black roots and offers several opportunities to study abroad.

“of all the students in the United States who have a chance to study abroad, only 5% of those students are Black students”

During their time in boarding school, Jasmine And Moriah couldn’t help but notice the lack of information (much less, accurate information) about Black history and figures in textbooks, lectures or libraries in private and public American school systems. Not only that, but “of all the students in the United States who have a chance to study abroad, only 5% of those students are Black students”. They realized just how much this missing information caused a divide between a People who were spread across nations but of the same origin. Defining this as a disadvantage in the battle against racism, Jasmine and Moriah set to work uniting Black people across the world by educating and creating ways to access each other.


The African Diaspora Alliance has big plans for a fully funded future that includes their own airlines that make their cross-continental trips more accessible. The ADA would also have their own Diasporic boarding school that “exclusively cater[s] to Black students all across the world”. The curriculum would include unconventional lesson plans that promote independence such as teaching students to grow their own food, make their own clothes and sustain themselves.


The foundation of the African Diaspora Alliance is the belief that the liberation of Blacks in America is contingent on the liberation of Blacks in all other countries of the world as well. Moriah explains that “all of our liberation struggles are interconnected. Therefore, it’s going to require a global alliance of strength and solidarity.” Their Diaspora Excursions initiative offers the opportunity to participate in trips to several overseas destinations. The itineraries for these trips focus on promoting cultural exchange, and understanding of each other and our common achievements and struggles. The proceeds from these Excursions help fund their Youth of the Diaspora program which engages and enlightens Black children to the beauty and strength in what it means to be Black. They hold Liberation Lectures where prominent Black figures come to educate and spread the truth and power of being a product of the first inhabitants of the land—of being Earth’s natural fruit. The ADA frequently celebrates our Black talent as well by holding Diaspora Sol events where you can enjoy live performances by poets and musicians. To learn more and participate in these spectacular events, you can visit or follow them on social media @africandiasporaalliance. 

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