Building the Political Infrastructure to be Self-determined

By Cori Lucas


When it comes to macro-solutions, Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle (LBS) are constantly fighting against immediate threats to Black culture and wellbeing in the form of harmful government policies and “laws that are not beneficial to the Black community”. There’s an infamously staggering amount of neglected Black neighborhoods and people in Baltimore City, yet little discussion of a healthy solution that addressed the root causes. LBS was established in 2010 and is a Pan-African think-tank that consists of activists, community leaders and advocates who’ve garnered their political leverage from their deep connections in Black communities. They thrive using “policy debate skills as an intellectual training tool” for their rising members, and arm themselves with knowledge garnered from many years of community involvement and service. Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle also educate and train youth in leadership, critical thinking and community activism so that they may carry on the work of finding ways to better their communities.


Adam Jackson, Chief Executive Officer of LBS, grew up in the impoverished neighborhoods of West Baltimore. Realizing that policymakers in Baltimore had no interest in tending to the poor conditions and scarce allocation of resources in his home, Adam determined to take action to make Baltimore a safer, cleaner, and more inclusive place for Black people to plant their roots on a legislative level.


Provided all the funding and resources needed to further their fight, Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle would fund and support Black candidates for government positions. Institutions and infrastructures would be established to extinguish Black people’s dependence on white institutions for survival. Black sovereignty in Baltimore would be solidified by putting members of these communities who are familiar with their hardships in positions of power and making them responsible for change. 

Serving proudly as an “expansive reservoir of intellectual and cultural resources”, Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle uses these resources to serve not only as a think-tank but as a well of knowledge that other activists and organizations can draw from. They offer several services including consultants, researchers, spoken word artists, speakers, and content developers. Their website serves as a breaking news site detailing current events in Baltimore and how it affects Black lives. To contribute to their mission and stay up-to-date on their growth and progression, follow them @lbsbaltimore or visit them at

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