Dayvon Love testifies in support of the Community Reinvestment and Reparations Commission (Bill 23-0353)

Leading the way! Shout-out to Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle. Thank you for your leadership and unwavering commitment to building the infrastructure of Black-led organizations. #warondrugs #reparations #selfdetermination #sovereignty #ecosystems #infrastructure Listen to the testimony of Dayvon Love, CLLCTIVLY’s advisory board member and director of Public Policy for Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle.

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Baltimore City Council Hearing – Community Reinvestment and Reparations Commission 

LBSBaltimore – On 3.28.2023, the Economic and Community Development Committee of the Baltimore City Council held a hearing on legislation that will create the Community Reinvestment and Reparations Commission (Bill 23-0353).

Order of speakers: President Nick Mosby – Baltimore City Council Vice-President Sharon Greene-Middleton – Baltimore City Council Dayvon Love – Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle Nneka Nnamdi – Fight Blight Bmore Dr. Raymond Winbush – Morgan State University Andre Turner Bobby Marvin-Holmes – Baltimore Legacy Chapter, Association of Black Social Workers

During the 2022 MD Legislative Session – with the passage of HB 837 – this led to the creation of a statewide Community Repair and Reinvestment Fund. We successfully demanded that the state give reparations to communities impacted by the so-called “War on Drugs”. The fund will be financially supported by tax revenues – not less than 30 percent of the total revenues – from the sale of recreational cannabis. Every county in Maryland will eventually have to pass an ordinance that will determine how they spend their portion of the Community Repair and Reinvestment Fund. Baltimore City will be the first jurisdiction to implement its reparations commission. Read the bill:…

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