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Black Yield Institute

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Black Yield Institute is an emerging Pan­-Afrikan institution based in Baltimore, Maryland. We endeavor to build independent power by establishing an action network and incubator with a community of and for black people and entities in pursuit of Black Food Sovereignty. We are a Black­-led institution, utilizing Afro-centric, Pan-­African, and human rights frameworks to anchor our thought and works toward liberation through food. Black Yield Institute is on a mission to create a self-­determined and self­reliant community of Black institutions, Black­-owned businesses and people of African Descent in Baltimore’s poor and Black food environments. We endeavor to define and govern all aspects of our food systems, including black food politics, economics, agriculture, culinary practices, community, wellness and knowledge creation. Black Yield Institute envisions a healthy, cooperative and powerful black community where black people in that community govern the politics, economics, health, land and development around food, from seed to waste (and beyond). We also imagine food environments, where Black people work cooperatively to continually reduce dependence on White and other People of Color for food and overall sustainability, while restoring connection traditional Afrikan foods and practices. [wiloke_list_features id=”1513115889295″ class=”addlisting-placeholder addlisting-placeholder-list-features” contenteditable=”false” draggable=”true” data-title=”Focus Areas” data-settings=”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” /] 

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