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We are developing a vibrant network of people and organizations who offer their resources and share the common goal; to help their community on the path toward wellness.

Lantern Mindsets is a nonprofit Community Wellness Resource Center that facilities opportunities to serve in Baltimore City and its surrounding counties. Lantern Mindsets offers an integrated, community-based approach to wellness and education to sustain families and their communities. Mentoring, food pantry and nutrition coaching, intergenerational workshops and training, community resource postings, and community networking opportunities

Lantern Mindsets hosts workshops designed to help artistic and technology driven girls (8-18 yrs living in hyper-segregated predominately African American communities) who are growing up without positive female figures of influence, connect with inter-generational female mentors who help cultivate a mindset that promotes health, self-sufficiency and successful business ownership.


Heartical Sproutsgirls and women | Intergenerational Sister Circle

Meetings are facilitated in-house and in partnership with area organizations. Our sessions are designed to cultivate self-sufficiency and entrepreneurial skills.  Activities include: Workshops and community service events. Participants are able to showcase and sell their crafts (made during our workshops) at our annual community networking events.

Bright Minds Computer Clubco-ED | Elementary/Middle School after school STEM Enrichment

The club is an after school program impacting children located within the boundaries of the “Black Butterfly” that offers essential instruction for current technology’s youngest users addressing computer and social media etiquette, typing fluidity and an introduction to web design.


theSPOT: Musical Marketplace  | networking, vendor marketplace, community partner showcase

This event is a networking opportunity that helps to stimulate community’s engagement in all facets of society. It serves as a resource and support to the creative and social impact communities in the metro Baltimore area. This event will also allow Heartical Sprouts participates to showcase and sell crafts they created in workshops throughout the year and give them first hand experience in the marketplace as an entrepreneur.

Eating with Our Hands | Community Service and Health/Wellness Coaching

A community event hosted quarterly with a mission to bring families together in an effort to help less fortunate individuals in our communities while learning about food preparation and nutrition. Know Better Do Better. We are looking to change the culture around food in baltimore. We hope to reclaim the lives of so many who have not taken the time to learn about their body and the way it functions. This knowledge will improve their results as they take on their health challenges. This event will be included in serve as a portion of the nutrition education and community service activities Heartical Sproutsparticipates experience.


Lantern Mindsets offers workshops for women and children in a range of creative expressions: web digital, handwriting, keyboarding, cultural arts, photography, performing arts, story telling.

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