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Our Mission

The North Avenue Learning Initiative provides a safe, structured learning environment for low-literacy adults (aged 18 or older) to jump-start their educational journeys and to achieve academic success.

Our Story

The City of Abraham Church & Ministries, formerly known as St. Abraham Baptist Church, has a 30-year track record of providing spiritual, social and educational support to its members and the community at-large. In addition to offering weekly spiritual enrichment opportunities, the church also runs a food pantry for any family in need. Over the years, the City of Abraham Church & Ministries (COACAM) has partnered with elected officials and community leaders to host various community forums and community service projects to address a range of issues (i.e. health, violence, blight, voter education) impacting Baltimore.   Additionally, COACAM has sponsored numerous outreach activities (i.e. clothing drives, Back-to-School give-aways, and health events) for the community at-large. The 2015 Baltimore riots a.k.a. Baltimore Uprising was a turning point for St. Abraham Baptist Church now known as the City of Abraham Church & Ministries.  The North Avenue Learning Initiative was the church’s response to the 2015 Baltimore riots a.k.a. Baltimore Uprising. In 2015, the church was awarded a $10,000 impact grant from a local foundation to implement The North Avenue Learning Initiative as a six-week summer, GED pilot program.  During that short pilot period, one adult learner graduated (passed all four sections of the Official GED Exam) while other adult learners made grade level improvements.  Around that time, the church also began a two-year transition that included a reorganization and name change along with several other structural, internal changes which have helped to strengthen COACAM’s capacity to relaunch and expand several of its outreach ministries including The North Avenue Learning Initiative. Given the recent spike of violence in Baltimore City, COACAM believes now more than ever that education is the key to helping adults in Baltimore make better life choices for themselves and their families.  In November 2018, COACAM re-launched The North Avenue Learning Initiative as a free, ABE/GED class that runs Saturdays from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.  Through the implementation of The North Avenue Learning Initiative, COACAM believes we (collectively as community of stakeholders) can transform lives by creating additional safe and nurturing environments for adults to learn, think and analyze their world and the world around them. The North Avenue Learning Initiative is focused on helping adults (aged 18 and older) break the chains of illiteracy and rediscover a love for learning. We believe one of the best forms of youth development is changing the hearts and minds of the adults who care for youth.  If we can get parents and caregivers excited about learning, we know we have the youth because the parents and caregivers have the power to create a healthy home learning environment for the children in their care.

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