Meet Dominiece Clifton – Winner of the first “We Got Your Back” Award

Congratulations, Dominiece Clifton – Founder of the Mobile Movement Studio! 

Dominiece is the first winner of the “We Got Your Back” Award and will receive a $2,000 monthly (no-strings-attached) stipend for one year to cover her living expenses and to do whatever brings her joy!

She will also receive a FREE one-year membership with The Women’s Entrepreneur Leadership Lab (The WELL) and CONNECT, CLLCTIVLY’s new membership community.

We are so excited to be in community with you! Congratulations to you and all the wonderful women of the WELL!

Dominiece Clifton’s “We Got Your Back” Video Submission

Dominiece is creating a mobile movement studio that will offer free movement and body-centered approaches to healing trauma and reducing stress such as yoga, dance and exercise provided exclusively by instructors of color.

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