Addressing Structural Racism by Solving for Equity w/ The Black Brain Trust founder, Angel St. Jean

STRUCTURAL RACISM‼️: A topic that’s been top-of-mind in recent months due to increased awareness of the unjust treatment of Black people by corporations, banks, and at the hands of police.

We’ve seen companies and allies step forward in various ways over the last year: speaking up for Black Lives on Social Media, making donations for Black causes, protesting, and strengthening Diversity & Inclusion efforts. But, is it helping?

How do we measure personal and corporate “success” when it comes to addressing racial inequities? 📈

Angel St. Jean, CEO of “The Black Brain Trust” joined Cllctivly on IG Live to share a tool your organization or company can access to make racial equity tangible.

This unique tool serves as a vehicle to create an effective plan, track progress, and course-correct as necessary until equity is achieved.

Watch the half-hour session here.