OSI Director joins CLLCTIVLY’s Jamye Wooten to discuss funding grassroots organizations

On Wednesday, Jamye Wooten, CEO of CLLCTIVLY, “a place-based social change organization centering Black Genius, Narrative Power, Social Networks, and Resource Mobilization,” hosted an Instagram LIVE session on “The Importance of Funding Grassroots Organizations” with OSI-Baltimore Director Danielle Torain.

Torain talked about the history of disinvestment, noting that, nationally, 8% of philanthropic investment goes to people of color and less than 2% of grant dollars from large foundations go to black-led organizations. She discussed ways that OSI has historically worked to counter this disinvestment and about a new initiative in community-led grassroots investment, B’More Invested, which will announce its first round of grants next week.

Watch the half-hour session here.

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