Black Running Organization: Building Community through Running

The Black Running Organization, also known as BRO, serves to organize, educate and condition the Black Community on the basis of running as a practical demonstration of unity.


CLLCTIVLY was honored to sponsor BRO Day for the second year in a row. Held annually on the first Saturday of June, BRO Day is a celebration where black runners connect with other black runners in their community and run together as a practical demonstration of unity and racial solidarity. BRO Day reminds us that we must create for and celebrate ourselves to advance our people and our culture.


We caught up with Isa Olufemi, BRO Marshal for the Black Running Organization, to discuss the origin of BRO and how they’re using running to build community.


Mayor Brandon Scott presented BRO with a proclamation officially making June 5th, Black Running Organization Day.

Photos and videos by Keith Garner

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