Jamye Wooten, the founder of CLLCTIVLY, speaks about access to capital and the importance of funding Black-led organizations in Baltimore. Since March 2020, CLLCTIVLY has invested over $300,000 in no-strings-attached grants into Black-led & Black-owned businesses serving Greater Baltimore.

On August 6th, CLLCTIVLY will host its 3rd Annual Day of Giving, the CLLCTIVGIVE Baltimore.

This 24 hour online and live celebration of giving is part of CLLCTIVLY’s mission to be a resource for the Greater Baltimore community that seeks to find, fund, and partner with Black social change organizations. 

CllctivGive is a great opportunity for your 501c3 or mission-driven organization to raise funding and spread awareness! Last year, our community collectively raised $56,715 in 24 hours for participating Black-led social change organizations in Greater Baltimore. This year, our goal is to surpass that!

Here’s how to participate: � Register @ www.cllctivgive.com ➡️ � Share your story! Create and customize your organization’s fundraising page and tell people all about your mission and fundraising goals. � Spread the word! Use social media, email, and text to let your community know about your organization’s participation in CllctivGive.

Encourage them to spread the word too!

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