Mindgrub and CLLCTIVLY Celebrate Black Entrepreneurship with Baltimore RISE

Baltimore, MD | In collaboration with CLLCTIVLY, Mindgrub Technologies hosted the first Baltimore Rapid Ideation Skillshare Event (RISE), a three-day event to honor and support Baltimore’s Black entrepreneurial community.


On Wednesday, July 28th, the event kicked off with an all-access webinar titled Getting Down to Business with CLLCTIVLY Entrepreneurs. The panel, which was made up of Black entrepreneurs, shared personal experiences and discussed the strategies that have helped their businesses thrive.


Panelists included:


Together, the panelists examined the current entrepreneurial state of Baltimore and the challenges faced by minority groups. Entrepreneurs from around the country were in attendance, and each walked away with valuable resources to grow their own organizations.


“I think it’s important to build relationships,” says Jamye Wooten during the webinar. “It’s important as entrepreneurs to put yourself in environments that you aren’t comfortable with to develop relationships. And to get out of your comfort zone to find new opportunities.”


Following the webinar, Mindgrub hosted two days of one-on-one brainstorming sessions, which were open to all CLLCTIVLY entrepreneurs, free of charge. During the sessions, Mindgrub’s leadership team assisted entrepreneurs in breaking down their technology and marketing roadblocks. The sessions covered pain points such as website design and development, attracting customers, digital marketing, and raising capital.


“We are hopeful that the programming from the webinar and the mentorship strategy sessions with the entrepreneurs provided valuable information and resources,” says Vince Sharps. “We’re committed to continuing to help break down barriers and build a stronger, more supportive ecosystem for Black entrepreneurs in Baltimore and beyond!”


Baltimore RISE is part of Mindgrub’s ongoing partnership with CLLCTIVLY and their commitment to advancing the community. Check out the full-length webinar or read the highlights on Mindgrub’s blog.


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CLLCTIVLY is a place-based social change organization centering on Black genius, narrative power, social networks, and resource mobilization. Their mission is to end the fragmentation and duplication of programs, learn from and about each other, and be a resource for the Greater Baltimore community that seeks to find, fund, and partner with Black social change organizations.

Connect with CLLCTIVLY at cllctivly.org.

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