CLLCTIVLY announces Solidarity Awards

Relationships move at the speed of trust and social movements move at the speed of relationships.’ – Jennifer Bailey

As we venture into the realm of securing funds for Black-led social change organizations, I emphasize that this journey is rooted in partnership, not paternalism. Some potential partners/funders embrace this path with us, while others may not.

Building relationships and establishing trust is a process that requires time and effort. We express our gratitude to the Elbow Fund for embarking on this journey with us.

Today we are excited to announce the Solidarity Fund in partnership with the Elbow Fund. The fund will provide 15 awards of $50,000 to support exceptional organizations who are modeling collaboration through deep partnerships and centering Liberatory praxis in their methodology. Additionally, we will be providing 8 grants of $10,000 each to members of our inaugural CONNECT cohort.

This investment into 15 Black-led organizations and 8 Connect cohort members will assist in scaling deep, center relationships and liberatory practices to build trust, foster collaboration, mobilize resources and Build Black Futures Together.

Additional funding will be provided for technical assistance and activities that center Black joy and rest. 

Organizations to receive $50,000:
A Revolutionary Summer
African Diaspora Alliance
Aziza Pe&ce
The Baltimore Scene
The Binti Circle
Black Arts District
Black Church Food Security Network
Black Running Organization
The Bloom Collective
Creative Nomads
Fight Blight Bmore
The Living Well
Youth Resiliency Institute
Tendea Family
WombWork Production

CONNECT Alum to receive $10,000:
Catherine’s Family and Youth Services
Coach G Step Academy
Hilma’s Heart
Mentoring Mentors
New Song
Young Successful Leaders
The Art of Truth