By Cedric ‘BIG CED’ Thornton, Black Enterprise Magazine


More than a million dollars was raised over 24 hours by a social change organization based in Baltimore.

According to a social media post by CLLCTIVLY, which calls itself “a place-based social change organization centering Black genius, narrative power, social networks, and resource mobilization,” it has raised $1,125,707 in 24 hours. The amount was collected during the fifth annual day of giving for CLLCTIVGIVE.


According to News One, CLLCTIVGIVE, an initiative started by CLLCTIVLY, has helped connect donors with Black-led groups, presented a speaker series and an awards ceremony, and launched the Solidarity Awards in conjunction with the Elbow Fund.


CLLCTIVLY CEO Jamye Wooten, who founded the organization in 2019, said, “Our day of giving was a groundbreaking success that will enable us to fuel the mission and extraordinary work of Black-led organizations and initiatives. This was not only a historic moment in Black philanthropy, but it also reinforced the organization’s commitment to fostering sustainable solutions for social progress. This momentous fundraising event will reverberate through Black-led communities for years to come.”


Wooten also stated that since its inception, CLLCTIVGIVE has received support from individual donors, businesses, foundations, and community partners. The campaign has grown so much over the years, evidenced by the total raised ($5,000) in its first year to more than $1 million in its fifth year.


CLLCTIVLY also announced that its Solidarity Fund, in partnership with the Elbow Fund, will give 15 organizations awards of $50,000 each to support them in their mission to help Black-led entities and the causes associated with them. The Elbow Fund is also providing eight other organizations with grants of $10,000 each as members of the inaugural CONNECT cohort.

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