Using Running as a Demonstration of Unity #LetsGrow

By Cori Lucas,


The Black Running Organization (B.R.O.) challenges a Black struggle that was given little attention until a Black jogger and former-high school football star, Ahmaud Arbery, was gunned down while on a run in 2020. “Running while Black” became a term that denoted the disparity between the perception of non-Black and Black joggers–the former considered normal and the latter considered suspicious. However, the Black Running Institute faces that stigma head-on, using running as a “demonstration of unity” and celebration of movement! First conceptualized by Isa Olufemi in 2013, BRO engages the power of moving as one group and growing physically and mentally stronger together, or “collective development”. They organize community runs of varying distances and routes all around Baltimore that are posted on their event calendar and open to everyone!


“We want all of our people to run here in Baltimore regardless of your skill level, and we need resources to make that happen.”



When asked what a fully-funded future for the Black Running Organization would look like, founder Isa was unwavering in his declaration: “A fully-funded Black future would look like all Black people in Baltimore running together under the banner of the red, black and green or the Black Running Organization flag!”. He would use the funds to make runners of all levels of experience feel at home in the program by providing them with everything they need to join the family–from their gear to registration to education. “We want all of our people to run here in Baltimore regardless of your skill level, and we need resources to make that happen.”


In addition to runs, BRO occasionally hosts post-run events and exercises such as outdoor yoga sessions! Boasting the enthusiastic slogan, “LETSGROW”, BRO prioritizes personal development through discovery of the true strength and force of “the group”. Participants in these runs build discipline together, support each other, and make motivating one another a habit that’s radiant enough to band together a city! To view and participate in scheduled runs and donate to the Black Running Organization, you can follow them on social media @blkrunorg and visit their page @

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